Becoming an Air Force Family


When my brother first told me that he was joining the Air Force my first thought was “I call dibs on his stuff!” and my second thought was, “Oh crap, I’m never going to see him again!”

My view of the military had always been that if you go into the military, you will go to war, and then not come home. Not true! People who chose to join the military usually have normal jobs. My brother is an electrician! How awesome is that?

We grew up in a town which is located less than 30 miles from the biggest (by area) military base in US: Fort Hood. So the military is heavily intertwined with our community. However, it never affected us because no one in our family had ever served. Until now. So as a family we have had to learn to adjust to this change. Here’s a few things we’ve learned:

  • My brother will not be gone forever – he is serving his country and when his term is done, he WILL come home.
  • Not all jobs are on the frontline. And all jobs are just as important.
  • Just because my brother is in the military doesn’t mean we can’t see or talk to him. Sure the base may be further away, but totally worth the drive. And I feel like he texts me more now than before! Lol.
  • My brother is gaining amazing experience and training. He will come out of this a better member of the community.
  • The dedication that these men and women have for their country is truly amazing. And we should all be grateful.

Next time someone tells you they’re joining the Armed Forces, especially a family member, don’t be afraid. Be proud. I am extremely proud of my brother for his decision to serve this wonderful country. The Air Force has gained an amazing young man.

XO, Mayra

Ps. Happy Early 21st Birthday lil’ Brother!


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