Rouge One

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If you haven’t gone to see Rouge One, go see it now!

However, I will say that without previous knowledge of the Star Wars saga, you might be a bit confused. Actually, even with knowledge of Star Wars, the whole thing is a little confusing! This movie provides insight into Lucas’s previous films. Now I’m no expert on the Star Wars saga so I won’t get into that, but I will give a short review on my thought of Rouge One.

When a movie catches my attention, I dive completely in. I am that person who laughs out loud, cries, screams, and gasps. This movie did all that for me! It had action, it had emotion, and it had fighting! (SPOILER ALERT: there isn’t much of a love story.) The characters each have their own “ghost” to fight, but are given a chance to make amends. My favorite character by far was the robot, K-2SO. And it’s easy to see why early in the movie. I feel like the movie moved along pretty well and didn’t really stall at any moment. I guess it helps that most of the story has already been told in other movies. Rouge One is definitely a movie of “good vs evil.” SPOILER ALERT: I love the cameos made by characters we have come to love!

Now I could go on forever critiquing the movie, but can we please move on to some fashion?!?

I was so excited to finally wear my Star Wars shirt since I didn’t get to wear it last year when The Force Awakens came out. Except, I knew that I wanted to dress it up this time around. You see, no one says that nerds have to dress like nerds! I wore my T-Shirt (yes, I confess, it is a men’s shirt, but hey!, they had better ones than the ones in the women’s section!) with some white skinny jeans. I paired it with a leather jacket to make the look a little edgier. And the booties add the perfect amount of feminism! Unfortunately, most of my outfit is stuff I’ve had for a while, but I’ve linked items that are very similar.

Have you gone to see Rouge One? What were your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below! And may the Force be with you!

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