Ruby Red

8cc31d_775cf91203ac4b189a7d5ce54e82b87a-mv2_d_3264_4928_s_4_28cc31d_546a015ec89d454a89be237d04bd3f0d-mv2_d_3264_4928_s_4_28cc31d_6b2a4c02c2ab4abeb1f10bd7e8c0cb3d-mv2_d_3264_4507_s_4_28cc31d_7af9d16494d741c5bd3fde13b3745f2a-mv2_d_3264_4928_s_4_2Outfit Details:  Shirt (Similar, Similar) |  Jeans (Similar, Similar) |  Shoes (Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar) |  Necklace (Similar, Similar)

What better color to make you think of Christmas than the color RED! It’s such a rich and beautiful color and looks great on everyone! I especially love pairing it with the color gold. This Kendra Scott necklace adds the perfect amount of gold! And my shoes! Can you say a match made in heaven!

Lately it’s been super cold here in San Antonio. But tomorrow the temperature is finally going to be back in the 60s. How’s the weather been treating you? What colors do you like to wear during the winter time? Let me know in the comments below!

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