He then created the dog and with this new life He gave the dog HIs most treasured traits…unending loyalty, trust, faith and unconditional love. This He did for man.

-Tigress Luv

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I love my dog, Arlo. And actually, he’s not really a dog. I’m convinced he’s a little human, a furry baby! And he’s turning 1 today! My baby boy is growing up!

I know, I know, I sound crazy. But I’m a true dog mom. My world revolves around my pup. I have no children (and completely okay with that), but let me tell you, it is just like having a child! I think everyone should have a dog before they have a human child.

We got Arlo about 9 months ago from a gentleman in Houston. He had bought Arlo for his mother, but Arlo was way too active for her and she wasn’t going to be able to take care of him properly. And boy did she dodge a bullet! This dog is cray-z!

Anyone who has met him can vouch for me. He cannot stay still for a minute! But I like to think that it’s because he is adventurous and full of life! And man is he brilliant! Too smart for his own good I say.

Thankfully, we learned this early on and have been able to foster his skills and knowledge. It is so important for a dog parent to understand their fur baby. And when you can understand them, you can help them by teaching them and training them in ways that are not only effective, but also beneficial to your pup.

For example, Arlo is HIGH energy. So we know physical activity is a good way to play with him. And he LOVES it! Fetch, catch-and release, and running are all good activities for him. Once he has exerted some of his energy, he has a better attention span. Woohoo!

We’ve also learned that treats and squeaky toys are the best way to get and keep his attention. Because of this I’ve been able to teach him to sit, stay, lay, shake, roll-over, and stand. All this in just a year! Can you image how much more he could learn!? Treats and repetition, treats and repetition.

Arlo has my heart completely and he does so much for me. He is my companion and my confidant (he doesn’t talk much, hehe). He is my cuddle buddy and my work out buddy (I do a lot of walking and throwing). He licks tears from my cheeks when I cry and is the reason I smile everyday. I don’t know what I would do without my fur baby.

So you can be sure he will get spoiled on his special day! Bully sticks and jerky all day! And how cute is his hat?!? I got all this stuff for him from Wag More, a super cute boutique dog store in Alamo Heights, San Antonio. I love going there because the staff is always so friendly! They even gave Arlo some birthday treats! Check them out and bring your fur baby (they always have treats for the pups!). And keep an eye out on my blog for more recommendations on places to shop for your dog(s)!



Everyone thinks they have the best dog.

And none of them are wrong.

-W.R. Purch

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