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When I was thinking of starting a blog, one of the things I knew I wanted to include was a sort of “Book Club.” I’ve always loved to read and it’s been such a big part of my life. Does anyone remember AR? Yeah, I was a middle school champ!

My hope is that I am able to read a book every month and then write a review of it. I’ll share the title an author of the book I plan to read the next month so that anyone who wishes to, can read along and share their opinion. We’ll see how this goes…

Today I want to review The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.



Funny story about this book: My boyfriend and I FIGHT over this book! He’s already read it and became a changed man. I had plans to read it but hadn’t gotten around to it so I kept it close to me. Well the constant dispute about this book was: Who does it belong to?!? It’s mine because I found it at a yard sale and bought it. He thinks it’s his because supposedly I bought it for him. Yeah, right! However, we did agree to buy a new copy because we love it so much! The newer copy for me obviously! Hehe.




There is just so much to love from this book. But the great thing about it is that the reasons will be different for each person. That’s because the book is very philosophical and everyone will interpret it according to their experiences and needs.




The book follows a young shepherd on his quest to interpret his reoccurring dream. Along his way he meets different people who help guide him on his journey to uncover his Personal Legend (which I interpreted to be your life’s goal – of course you may interpret it as something else!). He learns to read omens and the language of the world. As time passes by he encounters delays and obstacles, but he learns not to let those things get in his way. He falls in love, he doubts himself, he almost gets killed! He experiences life, something he never would have done had he not chosen to follow his Personal Legend.




What I love so much about this book is its message. It lets you know that you have a purpose, a life goal. And it emphasizes the importances of finding it. Sure daily life and conflict may get in the way, but nothing is more important than achieving your life goal. It’s what makes you ultimately happy and the reason for your being. After that, everything just kinda falls into place.




Have you read The Alchemist? If so, what did you think of it? If not, have you heard about it? I know I heard a lot of talk about it before I read it, that’s why I bought it!

What’s your Personal Legend? I’m still trying to figure mine out, but I think I have a better understanding of how to look for the omens to light my way….



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