Learning to Trust


I just got back from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in Mexico and am so happy to be home! These past couple of months have been more than I could handle. Don’t get me wrong, to say I was excited is an understatement! See, I’ve never traveled outside of the US and traveling the world is a huge dream of mine!

However, this being my first trip outside of the county I didn’t have a passport. I mean up to a few years ago you didn’t need it to go to Mexico. But as soon as I knew we were going, I started gathering everything I needed. And it’s been such a mess since day one.

Getting an appointment for a passport in San Antonio (and probably anywhere for that matter) is the absolute worst. I called 8 different post offices and none had appointments till a month before our trip! Even if I expedited the process, there was no way I would get it on time. I ended up driving to a small town 45min out of town just for the appointment. I didn’t expedite it because everyone said I had enough time.

Fast forward to 4 weeks, and I get a letter saying I hadn’t sent the correct documents and I needed to send additional documentation or my application would be cancelled. *Panic* So, I rush home that weekend, get the correct forms and 2nd day it to them! Crisis averted!

Wrong! Fast forward some more to 10 days before the trip and still no passport. Online it says “still processing”. I call and all they can tell me is that its processing. They say I can expedite it for an additional fee but there is no guarantee it’ll get done in time.

Now you know this girl is having a major panic attack! Whether I go on this trip or not I still have to pay. This girl has no money to be throwing away on a trip she’s not even going on. It’s nonrefundable and there’s no one else to take my place!

The next morning, I opened up my devotional and it was about trusting in God. And man did it strike a chord. Sometimes things are out of our control, there is nothing we can do about it but wait. That day I decided to entrust this series of unfortunate events to God. He had a plan that I was unaware about and I knew that if I just put it in his hands everything would turn out the way it was supposed to.

Fast forward again to 5 days before the trip and still nothing. I called, and once again they said that I could expedite the process but nothing was for certain. Now remember I had decided to entrust this to God. Well, I wasn’t going to do anything, but I thought that surely God didn’t think I would let him do ALL the work. So I did it, I expedited my passport knowing I had less than a week till the trip. Again, I entrusted this all to God and truly believed in my heart that if it was meant to be, He would allow the processors to finish my application in time for the trip.

Now, you might have guess what happens next (given the first sentence of this post- where you paying attention?)….yeah, I got to go to Mexico!!!

But the main purpose of this story is not to tell you about my terrible luck, but to let you know that it’s okay to let go of your worries. Once I was able to let go, I was able to enjoy life again. I had been stressing so much those weeks, worried sick about what I was going to do, it was effecting me in negative ways. But as soon as I let go, I felt peace. I trusted that things would work out just like they were supposed to, not the way I wanted them to, but the way they were SUPPOSED to. Either I would go on this trip and have a great time OR I wouldn’t and there would be a reason for that as well. Either way, I knew God would equip me with the necessary tools to get through it all.

I hope this post encourages you to let go of your burdens and to find peace. Now I’m not perfect at this by any means. Sometimes I even think we enjoy stressing ourselves out with worry. One of our many faults of being human. But Peace is something I truly wish for each and every one of you!

XO, Mayra

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