May: Mental Health Awareness Month


Getting back into blogging has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Except this time, I wanted my comeback to be stronger and better. More real. I realized that my last post (over 6 months ago) got a lot of attention because of how open and honest I was. Real people could relate, and that is why I decided that that would be the route I would go with this revamp.

So here’s real. Something real to me. Something real to society. Mental Health.

Last year, one of the highest trending shows on Netflix was 13 Reasons Why. It’s based off a book by Jay Asher. It recaps the story of Hannah Baker, a teenager who commits suicide. Each episode (13 of them) is a person and a reason why/how they contributed to her decision to end her life. I have to warn you, if you haven’t already seen it, this show is not for the faint of heart. I promise you tears and heartache. The show deals with loss, guilt, grief, rape, and death.

I think the reason why this show attracted so many viewers is the rawness of it all. While it may seem unrealistic that all the events in the show could happen to ONE person, it is highly likely that someone has experienced at least one of the events.

What I thought was most intriguing about the show, was that Selena Gomez was one of the executive producers. We all know how open she is about her own struggles with mental health and for her to take a chance on this show just shows how much she advocates awareness. She even got matching tattoos with some of the cast members! (P.S. Season 2 is scheduled to come May 18, 2018!)




Which brings all this back to me. And my semi-colon tattoo.

This show, this movement, and the public acceptance of mental health awareness is what inspired me to get a modified version of this tattoo. At first glance, people don’t know what it is. And when I tell them it’s a semi-colon, I get blank faces in return.

Why a semi-colon you ask?


Your story isnt over yet, dont try to end it!>>>>this is literally gonna be my first tattoo


One thing I try to make sure people understand is that Mental Health is not JUST about suicide and depression. It also includes anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, addiction, etc. When you think about it in grammatical reference, in a sentence, a semi-colon is the replacement of a period, a replacement of the end. A semi-colon is simply a pause, a moment of reflection, and the choice to continue. Thing about this when life may get you down and you feel like you just can’t handle it anymore…




As you can see, my tattoo has been modified to represent me. Instead of the dot, I have replaced it with a heart, as a reminded that the reason I choose to continue moving forward is love. And instead of placing it on the outer part of my wrist, I placed it on the inside so that I could see it everyday and be reminded that no matter how hard life may get, I CHOOSE to continue. My tattoo is a promise to myself to always keep going and never give up.

If you have made it this far in my post, I thank you. It’s not easy talking about these topics, especially coming from a Hispanic background. But our generation is so open-minded and accepting. It’s important for people to understand that they are not alone and their struggles are not insignificant. If you or anyone you know is struggling, know that there is help out there. There is nothing wrong with what you are feeling, you are not broken or unworthy of love. And most importantly, you DON’T have to go through it alone!

Please share your thoughts and stories with me, I’d really love to hear them! And let me know your thoughts on this type of post? Would you like to see more? Comment below!


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