April Movie Review



If it’s one thing bae and I like to do is go on movie dates. We go almost every week and have a routine! It’s pretty great! Today I’m gonna review movies we watched in April that are still in theaters.

I will only watch movies at theaters that have recliner seats. San Antonio has two great theater by Santikos that offer this amazing comfort: Embassy 14 and the Palladium IMAX. Tickets are affordable and they offer discounts for military and seniors. But make sure you get your tickets ahead of time because showtimes sell out fast! We usually buy a bottle of wine, get pizza and/or popcorn, and I snuggle up with my super soft Star Wars blanket.  If you’re in San Antonio definitely check them out!


Avengers: Infinity War

Oh.Em.Gee. is all I can say about this movie. Like seriously, I promise you will go through every emotions during the 3 hours. Word of advice: it helps if you’ve seen all the other films or at least are familiar with them and the characters.

I’m just gonna leave this meme here and encourage you to go see it because I don’t want to give out any concrete spoilers.



A Quiet Place

Ya’ll, I did not want to go see this movie. I’m a big chicken when it comes to scary movies. But somehow bae got me to go and fortunately it was not as scary as I hyped it up to be. With that said, the movie still made me jump and cover my eyes at certain scenes. And there was definitely some really enduring family moments.


Isle of Dogs

When you say “Isle of Dogs”, it sounds like “I love dogs” and that is exactly what this movie is about!

I also didn’t want to go see this movie. Not because it’s scary, but it just seemed weird to me. However, Wes Anderson came highly recommended so I gave it a chance (there was also movie themed food available). As soon as the story started I became completely captivated! The characters have the cutest personalities and although the humor was kinda dry, it definitely made you laugh. There was also tears (some happy ones as well!) and moments where all you wanted to do was go home and hug your dog. Probably my favorite movie for the month!



This movie is rated R and for good reason. I would not take my sister to go watch this. However, for you adults out there, this movie is really funny! Leslie Mann is one of my favorite actresses and she did not disappoint! The parents set out on a quest to stop their daughters from a “sex pact” and encounter some hilarious obstacles along the way. There were some scenes where I had to cover bae’s eyes, hehe.


Ready Player One

This movie we kinda stumbled into it. We had already seen all the movies we wanted to and this was showing so we went. The music in this movie is on point! And there’s some reference that gamers and movie lovers will appreciate.




Outfit Details: Shirt (Similar, Similar, Similar) | Bralette (also here)| Jeans | Booties *SOLD OUT* (Similar, Similar, Similar) | Crossbody | Watch


When going to the movies you want to be as comfy as possible. I think you should dress cute as well!

Booties to me can totally step up an outfit and the bralette gives this outfit the perfect feminine touch. I’m in love with this one, I had to order it in more colors! And although my bag can’t sneak in any snacks, it is great for holding the necessities: phone, keys, ID, and cards/cash!

Have you seen any of these movies? Any movies you dying to see? We’re excited about Deadpool 2 and already reserved our seats!

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