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What a weekend! I sure am glad to be back in SA after a weekend trip to Arlington, TX. I got to  attend my first MLB game and got to check out Six Flags Over Texas while I was there! They are literally 0.6 miles away from each other. Check out my review below:

Six Flags Over Texas

Being season pass holders we go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas a lot! We’ve learned tricks that only locals know and it’s made going to the park that much more enjoyable.

But Over Texas, now that’s a different monster all on its own. The rides are different and the crowds are larger. We went on Saturday and waited in line ONE HOUR for ONE RIDE! I ain’t about lines in Texas 90 degree weather!

Luckily we gave it another try on Sunday and went right as the park opened. What a difference! They let Gold members and up go in before they opened up to the public and it makes a difference! We got to ride every ride we wanted (about 6 of them) in a little under two hours!


  • Go as soon as the park opens or a couple hours before closing time. Most of the crowds have died down and max wait time for any ride is 10min.
  • Get a Gold season pass or higher. What you save on parking is so worth it!
  • Best day to go? I’d say a weekday (Mon-Thurs) or Sunday. Everyone goes on the weekends!


Texas Rangers/ Boston Red Sox Baseball Game

I had never attended a baseball game before and let me tell you that I completely understand why people travel for their teams! No matter what team you’re rooting for, the atmosphere is captivating. It never seizes to amaze me that so many people gather together for the love of a sport! (One of the reasons why I decided to study Sports, Events & Tourism)




The Rangers stadium is beautiful! I had imagined it being so large the players would look like ants running around the field. But that wasn’t the case at all! You could get seats anywhere and still have a good view of the game. On Saturday we sat in the second floor by right field. And on Sunday we sat three rows from the visitors dugout (Go Red Sox!). Both excellent seats! The stadium also has a lot of food and beverage vendors so we never had to wait long for anything! We of course had a hot dog and nachos. The super nachos were the best though! I had one of my favorite micheladas there (and I’m very picky when it comes to micheladas!) and this new beer, which I like to refer to as “my fancy pink beer” called Spiked Seltzer (y’all it has a mermaid on it and taste amazing!).

Oh, and I got my boyfriends jersey autographed by Hector Velazquez (#76), no biggie. (;




The Rangers are currently building a new stadium. It’ll have a retractable roof which makes it better for day games and bad weather. On Sunday it was a day game and man was it hot! Can’t wait to see how the new stadium turns out!


  • Plan accordingly – the dugout seats were AMAZING, but had we known how hot it would be, we would have gotten those seats during a night game instead
  • Stay hydrated – Texas heat is no joke!
  • Bring cash! It’s faster and easier. And there’s vendors who walk up and down the stands with stuff every 10 min or so. It looked like they only took cash. But hey, at least you didn’t have to leave your seat for a beer! *winky face*
  • Bring your own sunscreen – especially during a day game. I went to three different vendors and they had all sold out by the 4th inning.



Outfit Details: Shirt | Shorts (Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar) | Shoes (Want These)| Crossbody | Necklace | Earrings


Next month we’re going to Minute Maid Park to see the Red Sox play last year’s World Series champions, the Houston Astros! Time to get a new shirt! I’m thinking either this one or this one (Mookie Betts #50 is my favorite player!)

I absolutely love this shirt from Fanatics. The lettering and the socks shimmer, it hugs in all the right places, it has a v-neck cut and it’s soooooo comfortable. Very feminine! You know me, always finding a way to make everything “cute”, including sports. I got my boyfriend this shirt, it comes in a lot of different colors and variations. I love going through because they usually offer free expedited shipping and/or promotions for up to 25% off. They have products for any sport and any team!

What team are you rooting for this year? Have you ever been to a baseball game? Let me know about your experiences and recommendations!

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