Congrat Grads of 2018!


And just like that, the school year is over! I finished my first year at UTSA and I couldn’t be more excited! Well except for the fact that I’ll be taking summer classes, but we won’t think about that just yet…

And with the end of the school year comes graduations! Congratulations to all the graduates of 2018, your hard work has officially paid off and this weekend will be spent celebrating YOU!

Have a graduate in the family? Going to a graduation? Don’t know what to get them? I got you covered!

A Personalized YETI

No matter the next step in life, one thing is for sure: coffee. So what better gift than a cup to help keep it hot or cold. I have two different YETI Ramblers and I absolutely LOVE them! I have this thing where I don’t like to drink water unless it’s ice cold and my YETI’s do the job! What’s even better is that you can customize them! So gift one to your grad with their college logo/mascot or their initials. It’s a gift they’ll use for numerous occasions!

*Currently offering free standard shipping on customized Ramblers*

Gift Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Cards!

Seriously, who doesn’t like gift cards? I know they can seem impersonal, but I enjoy being able to get what I want when I want it. And when you’re a broke college student, finding a gift card with a balance can be a Godsend! Get them a card, write a thoughtful message, and put in some gift cards to their favorite stores – I promise you, whether they’re off to college or moving into their first “adult” apartment, they will appreciate it!

Good gift cards: Target, Amazon, Starbucks or a Prepaid Visa card.

A Trip

There’s nothing like being able to get away for a few days after finishing school. With finals and moving and graduation parties, sometimes you just need to get away to recuperate before taking the next next in life. I’ve recently booked a trip to Spain in August and it’s probably the only thing that’ll get me through summer school. (more on this soon!)

Trip Ideas: Anywhere in the states or Europe, even a staycation!


With as much technology as we have nowadays and how rapidly it changes, there is something out there for everyone! My new laptop makes me feel so much more productive! But there is also so many accessories, such as wireless headphones, extra chargers (cuz those things either get lost or break immediately), cameras, smart watches/ fitness tracker… I mean the list is endless. Figure out what your grad is interested in and find something to compliment it!

Regardless of what you get your grad, the main thing is letting them know how PROUD you are of them! School is hard. High school, college, masters, doesn’t matter what level they’re graduating from, it’s hard! So knowing that your friends and family recognize your hard work and support youas you get ready for your next adventure is a reward in itself.


Outfit Details: Romper | Shoes (Similar, Similar) |Necklace (Similar, Similar, Similar)

Ya’ll, I am in love with this romper. Yellow is my color this spring/summer and I ain’t mad about it! It’s super comfortable and the sleeves are great for the evening breeze.

I ordered it from Chicwish (they have the cutest clothes!). But be warned, you will want to give them all your money!

The only drawback is their shipping policy. While they do offer free shipping, it takes FOREVER! It took them about a month to deliver my order and it doesn’t come with tracking information. 🙁 However, they do offer tracking and faster shipping for an extra charge. So order early or be prepared to pay extra to get it faster. For most people, waiting is not a problem, but I’m a millennial, I like things NOW.

Regardless, I still plan to continue shopping with them, just gotta be a little more strategic about it. I’m not kidding when I say they have the cutest things!!!

Do you have a grad in your family? Congrats to them!

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