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Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. I used the latter part of the long weekend to get some rest and just relax. Probably should have gotten some chores done, but eh.

I was able to get some fun in though! I checked out a new bar in Southtown, did a wine tasting for #NationalWineDay, and finally got to ride the new Wonder Woman ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

Jokesters 22 Pub ‘N Grub

Jokesters has been open for a couple months now. I started seeing it pop up on my Facebook page because it looks like they have a lot of events coming up. I went because they were having a wine tasting. More on that in a sec. You would probably miss this bar if you were just walking by, but I’m not too familiar with Southtown so it could just be me. They have the CUTEST outdoor area, as well as the main bar and a separate side room where they host comedy shows!




Currently, they offer FREE comedy shows, so go check them out while you can! We stayed after our wine tasting for the show and got to enjoy four very different comedians. Seating is limited so I suggest getting their on time! Shows start around 9PM.


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Source: Facebook | Jokesters 22 Pub N Grub


And while I stuck with wine that night, I did see people walking around with Baby Bottle Drinks and the In the Dog House bowl. How creative right? Looks like these will be their signature drinks!


As if I needed another excuse to drink wine… But dedicating an entire day to it, I’m all about it! So when I saw that Jokesters 22 was hosting a wine tasting I was all for it. Plus I would get to check out a new bar to share with y’all, it was an obvious win-win!

We ended up doing eight wine samplings, three of which were “premium” wines. I’ll share a post on them later, once I find out where to get them from because the HEB’s that I’ve checked don’t seem to have them! -_-

We did look like pros at the wine tasting when we got ourselves a plate of cheese and crackers to clear our palettes after each tasting. Hehe. It really does make a difference ya’ll! And although bae likes to call me “boujee” because I said the premium wines were better, they really are! Maybe it was the cheese talking, but you can taste the difference between a $10 wine and a $20+ wine. I do acknowledge that after your second glass, can you really taste the difference?

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster



Y’all, I have been waiting for this ride since it was first announced! Also, Wonder Woman is a badass and my favorite super hero, so yeah. As you may know by now, my boyfriend and I are season pass holders and we go about once a month. So we’ve been watching this ride come to life over the past six months.




Wonder Woman is the first of its kind. It’s the world’s FIRST single rail coaster. It features a spectacular straight-down 90-degree drop (this was the part that caused me the most anxiety. Hehe) and a lot of twist and turns. We waited an hour for this 60-second ride. Ok, maybe I exaggerate on how long this ride really is, but it’s pretty darn fast I might not be too far off! Is it worth it? Yes and no. It feels pretty cool to say I rode Wonder Woman, being that it’s the first of its kind, but I doubt I’ll be waiting in line again any time soon. Hopefully when the crowds die down in a few months I’ll go on it again. But on the bright side, all other rides had a shorter wait because everyone was waiting for Wonder Woman!





Outfit Details: Top (Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar) | Shorts (Similar, Also HereSimilar) | Shoes | Crossbody | Earrings (Similar, Similar, Similar)


I love pairing a cute blouse with shorts! And I always get compliments and questions about this shirt. Unfortunately, I bought this blouse from Anthropologie last year and haven’t been able to find it since. I absolutely love the color and the detailing on the shirt and I wish I could share it with y’all. 🙁 These shorts I also bought last year, from Free People, and I love them. There’s a lot of similar ones available for summer. And Keds are always my go-to walking shoe!

Summer is so tricky because wearing pants/jeans outside is asking for a heat stroke, but comfortable for working inside. I try not to pair tank tops with shorts because during the summer there’s the awful conundrum of it being uncomfortably hot outside and freezing inside cold buildings. I don’t like to be hot because I HATE to sweat, but I also do not enjoy being cold, and I get cold very easily.  How does one deal?!? A blouse with sleeves and shorts seems to work for me on weekends. What are your recommendations for dealing with summer?

XO, Mayra

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