Yes Way, Rosé!


Hooray, it’s National Rosé Day!

It’s no secret I’m a huge wine lover! More specifically, Rosé! Maybe it’s the color (pink is my favorite), or the taste (always so light!), or maybe the fact that you can make good puns with it (always intended). Or better yet, all three reasons plus more!

So today, in honor of this holiday, I’ve rounded up some roses I found at Trader Joe’s and will give a quick review of each. Note, this is only a fraction of the the amounts of rose’s out there. I wish I could have reviewed all of them today, but that just leaves more new wines for me to try in the future! I also have to say that I am no wine connoisseur but I do drink my fair share of wine. I’ll list them in order of my favorite to least:

La Promenade – Côtes de Provence, France


This rosé is a new one they got at Trader Joe’s. According to the cashier, it has been selling really well. He’s not sure if it’s because it’s new or because people really enjoy it. I choose to go with the latter.

I guess you can say that I prefer my rosé to be light and La Promenade is an absolute dream! I took the first sip and was absolutely blown away by how light and delicate it is! Perfect for a cool summer evening. With an ALC. level of 13% this rosé offers subtle notes of fruitiness that can be enjoyed by itself of with a salad and seafood.

This 750mL bottle is $10.99 plus tax

Prophecy Rosé – Vin de France


This bottle of rosé we picked up at a gas station outside of Houston. Total suckers for packaging! Haha. But you have to admit, it’s pretty cool!

Prophecy is not as light as La Promenade, but still very light! In this rosé, you taste a little more of the “alcohol” but it is also masked by some slight fruitiness. It is very refreshing and easy to drink!

This 750mL bottle of Prophecy Rosé runs about $11.99 plus tax and is also available at HEB and Target.

La Ferme Julien Rosé – Côtes de Ventoux, France


Goat. Do you really need any more explanation as to why I chose this bottle? But according to the cashier at Trader Joe’s (yes I like to ask them a lot of questions), this is one of their top selling rosé. And I can see why!

La Ferme Julien is not as light as Prohecy, but delivers a good balance for those that don’t like their rosé too light nor too strong.

This 750mL wine was $5.99 plus tax

Cupcake Vineyards Rosé – California


Any wine that says ‘Cupcake’ you know I’m gonna get. I love cupcakes! This bottle I got from HEB and I’ve seen it all over the place! It’s half full because it’s the one I chose to try first and use for my photos.

Cupcake rosé is crisp and has a fruity finish. As you can tell, the rosé are getting less and less light, but not in a bad way! In exchange these wines give you a more fruity taste.

A 750mL cost $8.99 plus tax. This brand is very popular and available at HEB, Target, and Total Wine and More. Walmart carries the brand, but I didn’t see the rosé option online.

Rosé Casal Garcia – Portugal


Look at all the pink in this one! There is definitely no denying this is a rosé! It is also the most blush rosé I got. Given that I’m not currently drinking red wines, these kind of wines give me taste of those red grapes. Yum!

As the bottle states, Rosé Casal Garcia is crisp and refreshing. When you go to get your first drink, you can ‘smell’ it. It’s not as fruity as the rest but it still has a balance doesn’t make it too strong it becomes undrinkable.

This 750mL bottles runs about $5.99 plus tax. Also available at HEB and Total Wines and More.

Loma Negra Rosé – Chile


And last, but not least (because rosé could never be least) is Loma Negra. This one the Trader Joe’s cashier did not recognize and I’ve realized that maybe it’s because it’s not a fan fav and therefore not bought too much.

To me, this rosé just tasted too strong. I didn’t get a light, crisp feel from it and couldn’t get hints of fruitiness either. But hey, if you like your rosé a bit stronger, then this one might be the one for you!

This 750mL was only $4.99.




Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg on rosé wines! There are so many other brands that could be regional or local only! Some brands that I look forward to trying are: Yes Way Rosé, House Wine, Roscato Rosé, California Roots Rosé, Barefoot Rosé, Stella Rosa Rosé, and Underwood Rose Bubbles to name a few!

Have you tried any of the above named rosé wines? What did you think? What is your favorite rosé?

And most importantly, how will YOU be celebrating National Rosé Day? I have a lot of rosé to keep me busy all weekend long! 😅

XO, Mayra

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