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Who here had plans for a summer bod? 🙋🏽‍♀️ But here we are, a couple weeks before summer ‘officially’ starts and I’ve had chinese for lunch and pizza for dinner and breakfast. Oops!

Now I hate talking about weight and all that because it’s always a touchy subject for people. Everybody’s body is built differently and reacts differently to diets and workouts. But today I want to share some tips that I’m trying to incorporate into my daily life, not meant to loose weight specifically, but rather to become healthier

  1. Drink more water. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water. Also, it’s summer and when we sweat we lose water from our bodies. We need to drink water. It is suggested that we drink 11-15 cups a water daily. There are so many different ways to do this. Infuse you water with fruit, drink tea, or eat something spicy. Hehe.
  2. Include a salad or more greens with every meal. Eating your greens is very important. I suggest you make them a large part of your plate serving. Eggs for breakfast, add some bacon wrapped asparagus. If you must have pizza, eat a salad with it. Steak and mashed potatoes for dinner, add some broccoli or squash.
  3. Eat breakfast. They say this is the most important meal of the day. And with such a busy lifestyle, I know I need substance to get me through the day. Don’t have time to make something in the morning? I recommend making overnight oats. I’m currently working on trying different recipes and will share as soon as I figure out which works best!
  4. Excludes sugars and processed food. This is one of the things I hear the most. Almost all diets, if not all, tell you to exclude sugars and processed food. They are just not natural and your body has a hard time processing them. But I know it’s hard because so much of the food available falls under this category. Coffee creamer, cereal, sandwich meat, dressings. If you can’t eliminate this stuff completely, at least try limiting or trying to find alternatives.
  5. Go vegetarian/ vegan for a day. I heard of someone doing this and it caught my attention. I love eating my meat. It’s how I feel like my body is getting fulfilled. However, I had never thought of how my body would feel if I didn’t have meat for a day. And dairy, I love it! I put cheese on everything! This is something I look forward to doing to learn more about my body, cuz there are a lot of celebrities and fitness gurus who are vegan and are killing it!
  6. Portion control. I think this is one of the easiest hardest tips. It’s an easy concept, but so hard when its time to actually do it. Like ok, I’m only gonna have one bite of cake, then you taste it and add another and another and before you know it, the whole cake is gone! No, hasn’t happened to you? Ok… ehehe. I think portion control is a great idea because you still get to treat yourself but in moderation. And really, eating more smaller portions throughout the day helps keep your metabolism working.
  7. Include more physical activity. I used to go to the gym 3-4 days a week. I loved it, I had a routine, I felt stronger, had more energy, and felt like I looked amazing! Also, my appetite increased, but for good nurturing foods. Weird huh? And then life got in the way and the gym was one of the first things to get cut out. I’ve been trying to find time to get back to the gym, but it’s hard because sleep is so nice! However, I do try to the take the stairs or walk when possible. Small steps right? (Pun totally intended. Hehe!)
These are just tips and suggestions. I am by no means an expert and you shouldn’t do any without consulting with your physician first.

I might not have time to get that summer bod that I had hoped for, but I hope that by following these tips I can get my life on track for a long healthy lifestyle. It’s the only body we got, let’s take care of it!





Outfit Details: Top | Jeans | Wedges | Necklace


How cute is this green top? I don’t have much green in my closet and with it being summer, I knew I had to get it! Want to know from where? SheIn! Yes that website you see everywhere and can’t decide whether you should get something from there or not. Well yo girl decided to take one for the team and get some things to try them out and review them ( I got y’all!); I promise to be honest!

The top is made in China and is 97% polyester/ 3% spandex. I don’t know if I’m just used to wearing cotton, but I am not used to this material. Now don’t get me wrong, the material is not uncomfortable or anything, just not what I’m used to. It’s lightweight which is good for this heat! Top part is kinda flowy, and for it being a small (smallest size they had in this top) it’s kinda too flowy. I was scared I might flash someone. But it’s something that is easily fixed with a bralette, like this one! Do I recommend this top? For the price you pay, absolutely! (Y’all, it’s $9!!!) I mean look how cute is it! Gorgeous color too and many more available! If you’re more of a quality over quantity, maybe not. Of course this all depends on your preferences.

Anyone else on a health journey? What are some of the things you do? Have you ever bought anything from SheIn? What did you think? Would love to know!

XO, Mayra

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