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Do y’all remember that song that came out last year? “Going upppp, on a Tuesdayyyyy!” When I first heard it I was like “What??! Don’t you mean the weekend???” But San Antonio begs to differ. #TuesdayIsTheNewFriday

There’s an organization in town called Downtown Tuesday that has partnered with over 65 businesses to bring Downtown San Antonio free parking, events, and special deals.

Now you might be thinking, but I have school and work the next day. I WILL NOT be turning up on a Tuesday. Same. But Downtown Tuesday is not just about trying to get you “LIT” on a Tuesday. This organization has made sure to offer something for everyone. You will not believe the amazing partners they’ve teamed up with! Some of the family friendly places include Dave & Buster’s, Great Room Escape, Class Axe Throwing and Imporv Comedy Club. Restaurants include Rio Rio Cantina, Rita’s On the River, Rosella (both locations) and many more! And of course there’s a killer list of bars.

Oh, and did I mention FREE PARKING! That’s right, you get to go enjoy some awesome deals and not have to worry about paying to get there! Winner winner, chicken dinner (at one of the participating restaurants)! 😉

I found out about Downtown Tuesday when I was invited to an Influencer Night to learn more about them. We visited three bars and got to try some of their yummy food and drinks that are on special on Tuesdays. All these bars are located on the Riverwalk; let me tell you a little about them!

Bier Garten


This bar is located right on the Riverwalk, underneath the Hyatt Regency. They have the cutest outdoor patio and the girls have cute outfits to go with the theme of the place. They serve German inspired food and plenty of beer! I highly recommend the Krautwurst Balls!

On the Bend Oyster Bar and Lounge


On the Bend is located in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency. I unfortunately did not get to partake in the tastings here because of my shellfish allergy *cry*. But all the ladies loved the food. They tried some Authentic Creole Gumbo and the Traditional Oyster Shooters. If you like spicy food the gumbo is perfect for you! And apparently the Oyster Shooters were a lot smoother than other oyster shots. I  did get to try their Tuesday special: a Red Snapper shot (if you like whiskey or fireball this shot is a must try)! Some other drinks we tried were The Veux Carre (which was a bit strong for me) and the Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita (which was so refreshing!).

Mad Dogs British Pub


Mad Dogs is right next door to On the Bend. I’ve gone here before many times and have always had a good time. Most night there is no cover, so it’s always a top choice for us! Hehe. 😅

Here we got to try the Mad Dogs World Famous Fish’ n’ Chips. So yummy! The plates are big and tasteful; it was definitely a good ending to our night! And we got to preview a drink that they will be offering for the summer called a Melontini. You guys, these are to die for! Make sure you go get one, or three ( I don’t judge), while you can!

I had such an amazing time at my FIRST Influencer event. I can’t thank Downtown Tuesday enough for extending this invitation out to me. I got to meet some amazing bloggers and visit some amazing places! Ps. How gorgeous are these girls!

Be sure to check them out and follow them on social media! They have a lot of special events coming up such as Margarita Madness (benefiting United Way)!


Outfit Details: Romper | Shoes | Necklace | Crossbody

This romper has gotten a lot of compliments and questions! And you’re not gonna believe it, but it is also from SheIn (see other SheIn items here). This romper I saw online and immediately fell in love! But again with the material. It is also polyester.

I almost returned this one, but I needed something to wear so I said why not? And it did not let me down! After the initial try one, I didn’t even notice the material! And with it being so hot outside, this dress was breathable and comfortable. The only issue I had was that it is a bit low cut. I kept messing with it all night making sure I didn’t flash anyone. This other style is the same print but not as low cut!

So far my thought on SheIn is that you can find some really great stuff if you just pay attention! I didn’t realize what polyester felt like. I don’t hate it, but I don’t prefer it. I will definitely be ordering more from SheIn, I’ll just pay closer attention to the material before I press buy though. 😉

*I still have a few more items to review from SheIn, so stay tuned!*

5 thoughts on “Downtown Tuesday

  1. I’ve never been to San Antonio, but with these recommendations I do have a starting point if my friend and I decide to explore in future. I like when cities have the option of free parking at certain times. It takes a away a lot of the stress. I love getting to meet new people and seeing new places at events like this. Congratulations on your first influencer event. It sounds like a great time! Also, I would be that one person ordering the crazy Red Snapper drink btw..

    1. Free parking always helps! I hope you and your friend do get to visit San Antonio soon, there is so much to do! Let me know if you ever need any more recommendations! And if you get the chance, enjoy those Red Snappers! 🙂

      1. I do too! I really enjoy traveling, and my friend and I have been trying to get some plans in the works, whether it’s San Francisco or San Antonio. If we find ourselves in need of recommendations, I know who to turn to! Thank you!

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