5 Tips for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This outfit is almost entirely from the #NSale – the top, cardigan, and shoes!

This is not a drill, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a little over a week away! If you’ve never heard about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale then you must have been living under a rock. Seriously, it is the biggest sale OF THE YEAR, and if you go anywhere near social media or follow bloggers, there is no way you can avoid it!

Why is this sale such a big deal, compared to other sales? Because Nordstrom is doing something no other store dares to do… They put fall staple pieces on sale BEFORE they go on sale. Every store out there has sales, but they do it to make room for new stuff, next seasons stuff. Well not Nordstrom! They put BRAND NEW stuff on sale and then they go on sale for regular price. Crazy, I know!

So how does this sale work? I’m here to tell you what I’ve learned these past two years I’ve shopped it.

First thing first. You NEED a Nordstrom card in order to access this sale EARLY. The sale opens up a week early (July 12-19)  for all cardholders. Then the following week (July 20-August 5), it opens up to the public. Trust me on this, you want to have early access! Things sell out so fast! Sure they bring out more stuff when they open up to the public, but sizes and quantities are limited! To apply for a card click here. You also get a $40 note when you make any purchase with your new card the day you’re approved. Free money to shop, heck yes!

Follow these tips to make the most of this sale!

  • Use your triple points day. If you have a Nordstrom card, then you get one triple points day. That means that you get extra points on your purchase. Since I know I will be spending a lot this day, I know I can maximize my points, which lead to a note! A note means free money to shop!
  • Check out the catalog. Nordstrom releases a catalog before the sale to preview some of the items that will be on sale. This gives you a good idea of what’s to come. To access it, click here.
  • Have a plan of action! Look through your closet and see what you need for Fall/Winter, even Spring! New boots, more scarves, sweaters? Make a list and check it twice! And when you have access to the sale focus on those items first! Trust me, it can get overwhelming so be sure to have a plan so you can stay focused and get what you need! And if there’s time and money, treat yourself to something you didn’t think you’d need but is too good of a deal to pass up! Hehe.
  • When in doubt, buy it! If it was any other sale, I wouldn’t recommend this. But we’re talking about the Anniversary Sale! I can’t emphasize enough how fast things sell out. So if you’re not sure what size or color you want/need, get them both! Remember, Nordstrom is always FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS. And if you’re impatient like me, you can order online and pick up in store or curbside for items that are in stock at your local Nordstrom!
  • Follow your favorite bloggers. This is the time of year you really want to pay attention to those bloggers/influencers you follow on Instagram. I’m talking about bloggers with 50K followers or more. You can bet these ladies are shopping this sale, and even more, THEY get an extra day or two to shop this sale! And they turn around and post pictures right away! Some even do try on sessions! They are pros at this stuff and are such a great resource for the best deals! This is also another great way to preview what you may want to buy during the sale. Some of my favorite bloggers to follow are: Caitlin Covington (IG), Daryl-Ann Denner (IG), Hilary Elrod (IG), Katey McFarland (IG), Jessi Afshin (IG) and Emily Gemma (IG). And be sure to look for the hashtag #NSale to see how what everyone buys and how they style it!

If you know me, you know I mean business with this sale. I make sure there’s money to spend and stay up till midnight when the sale opens online. I stay up till 2-4AM making sure I get the best deals. In previous years, I worked 3 doubles in a row because I knew I was gonna spend it all on this sale. #NoShameInMyGame

Popular brands that have been included in this sale before: Tory Burch, Kendra Scott, Leith, TopShop, UGG, Vince Camuto, Lush, B.P., Zella, Nike, North Face, MAC, Chanel and so many more!

Here are a few things I’ve bought in past years:

They offered this style of shoe in like 3 different colors! I went a little bold with this pattern.


New_Directions_1 (1 of 1)
This bodysuit was great for a night out! 


I still wear this romper ALL THE TIME! It was one of my most asked about purchase!


These leggings are my favorite! I get a new pair each year! These shoes were cute until my pup chewed them up… 


This top is perfect for fall, check out that color!


I was absolutely in LOVE with these booties, I had to hunt them down!
Literally wear my #NSale purchases ALL THE TIME – school, work, and for going out on weekends!

This year on my top to-get list are: comfy sweaters, booties, flats/mules and a new bag. These pieces are so versatile and can be used into early spring! What do you have on your list? If you have any questions, please comment or message me, I’m here to help!

XO, Mayra

Ps. Did you enjoy the trip down memory lane? Please don’t judge my old pictures too bad, I didn’t really know what I was doing back then! Click on the photo to check out my post on those looks!

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