Girl Talk: Gratitude


I listen to a lot of podcast and motivational speakers. I also read a lot of self help books and audio books. It’s important to me to always look for ways to grow and better myself. I strive for greatness and success. And in everything I read and listen to, the main point that they all share is a simple one: gratitude.

I know it sounds cliche. You hear it at church, from your parents, and every motivational speaker. But have you ever stopped and actually done it? It’s not complicated, but it is hard. 

Here”s a few things to be grateful for every day:

  • You woke up today. Again, I know this sounds cliche, but when you really stop and think about it: you’re alive, you’re breathing, you are capable of reading this, right now. Do you know how many people didn’t get to see today?
  • You are able to live. There are many people who are alive but aren’t living. They may be handicapped, they may be sick and bedridden, they may be suppressed. There is so much bad in the world, be grateful you can make choices every day.
  • You are loved. Sometimes we feel alone and forgotten. We feel like no one loves us because we are unlovable. But that is NEVER true. Our pain shields us from the love that is all around us. We have friends, we have family, and most importantly we have a loving God. The fact that we just took a breath is evidence of this all. Dogs are also a pretty good example.

Pay attention to your life and you’ll see that you have much to be grateful for. So now that you know that you have so much, how can you show gratitude for it all?

  • Make a conscious effort to be thankful for three things each day. Say them out loud or keep them to yourself. This will help as a reminder of everything you have instead of everything you don’t have.
  • Don’t compare your gifts with those of others. We all have our own stories to live out. I may not be blessed the same way my neighbor is, but I am blessed in my own way. The comparison game is never a winning situation. Instead, pray for a better them! Karma works not only in negative ways, but in positive ways as well.
  • Stop worrying. Remember, we don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we do know who holds tomorrow. So live in the present, because we know we have this moment. Leave the worries of tomorrow for tomorrow. Trust me I know it’s hard, and some things do need planning, but there is no point in worrying in something that hasn’t happened yet. Heck, it might not even happen the way we fear it will! Just be grateful you at least have this moment and make the most of it!

I don’t want to pretend that I am an expert at this and that this is the way I have always lived my life. I want to though, because in the short time I have tried, I’ve already seen the benefits of it. So if someone opens the door for you or picks up your favorite dessert for dinner, let them know you’re thankful for that action. Not only does it make them feel good, but it can also start a domino effect. And we all know that all you need to make the world go ’round is love.

I am grateful for every person that comes to my blog and reads it. You motivate me to continue doing something I love. I am able to express myself without judgement or fear. So thank you! I pray that you find someone or something that makes you feel the same way!

XO, Mayra

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