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What’s that rule about no white after Labor Day? It’s after Labor Day right? And how long after Labor Day? Why Labor Day and why the color white? Where did this fashion rule even come from? I had to get some answers!

According to Marie Claire:

The history: In the late 19th century—long before you could wear jeans to a Michelin-starred restaurant—the society ladies were engaged in an invisible battle with the nouveau riche, one that could only be won by the subtle manipulation of fashion.

The “you can’t wear white after Labor Day,” rule was created to separate the old money elitists from the new money group. “It [was] insiders trying to keep other people out,” according to Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in an interview with Time, “and outsiders trying to climb in by proving they know the rules.”

For those who had money and could leave the city during warmer months, white was considered vacation attire. “If you look at any photograph of any city in America in the 1930s, you’ll see people in dark clothes,” Charlie Scheips, author of American Fashion, has said” Meanwhile, white linen suits and Panama hats were considered the “look of leisure.”

Some etiquette authorities like Judith Martin, rebuff this class theory, however, saying, “There are always people who want to attribute everything in etiquette to snobbery. There were many little rules that people did dream up in order to annoy those from whom they wished to disassociate themselves. But I do not believe this is one of them.”

The true reason could be much simpler: After Labor Day, the first Monday of September, became a federal holiday in 1894, it came to mark the end of summer. Vacationers packed away their breezy white dresses and linen button-downs in favor of darker-hued clothing, like navy suits and gray sweaters. “There used to be a much clearer sense of re-entry,” explained Steele. “You’re back in the city, back at school, back doing whatever you’re doing in the fall—and so you have a new wardrobe.”

Reader’s Digest seems to agree with the first theory, adding that many fashion designers shifted away from the color white because it was harder to keep clean during the fall and winter months.

I love the color white and I love wearing it even more! Every time I go shopping, I am always drawn to that section. You’ll always see it on my site, my post, and my social media!

White jeans and shorts literally go with everything. I especially like wearing them for going out at night or on weekends. White tops are both formal and casual. I wear them a lot for work. And they are a great way to let other pieces stand out, such as a fun cardigan/jacket/blazer or colorful bottoms, like pants or a skirt. The Houstonia has some great inspirations on how to wear white that I will be incorporating into my style this season!

IMGP6735 (1)




Outfit Details: Romper– SELLING OUT FAST! | Shoes | Earrings – ON SALE | Necklace (I designed my own)

This white romper is so much fun! The delicate flowers on it make it a great transitioning piece for these last few days of summer. And the white, well you already know how I feel about that! 😆 Transitional times are my fav but I’m definitely trying to wear all my rompers, dresses, tanks and shorts before the cold weather gets here!

What do you think about this fashio rule?

I say: It’s 2018, do whatever the heck YOU want! It’s an antiquated rule and besides, rules are meant to be broken! Except if they’re illegal, like murder or theft, don’t break those rules!



PS. I’ll be going back to Travel Tuesday posts next week. Madrid just has soooo much content I want to make sure I’m as thorough as possible!

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