Formal Red Romper


I love getting invited to weddings and special events. My education has been in event planning, so getting to go to someones special event is a great way to immerse myself in an industry that I love so much.

But as a guest, and even more so as a woman, the hardest part of any event is figuring out what to wear! I mean, you can’t outdo the host, but you also don’t want to insult them by not trying. And then there’s the location to consider (is it going to be indoors or outside in a barn – or is that only in Texas? ) and the weather (cold, hot, windy, humid, raining?!?) Guys can wear jeans or slacks and a nice button down, maybe a sports jacket or blazer if it’s more formal. Lucky!

However, when looking at it from a positive perspective, we have a lot of options and that can be fun!

When I first showed my boyfriend this romper he looked at it and thought it was too casual. But once I tried it on and showed it to him again, with accessories, he could see how it could be wedding appropriate. The length and bare shoulders makes it perfect for this transitioning weather. And the deep v-neck with the ruffles give it that sexy but formal vibe for an evening event!





Outfit Details: Romper | Necklace | Heels

My coworkers daughter is supposed to be getting married on Saturday, but hurricane season has 80% chance of rain on the calendar. Ugh! You think rain boots will look good with this? Hehe.

What is your favorite weddings/special event wear? Do you switch it up if it’s a morning or evening? What about from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter?

XO, Mayra
















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