Nothing says Halloween more than seeing kids running around in costumes and yelling “trick-or-treat!” And many companies, churches and communities are choosing to celebrate in a more secure way by bringing families together for a Trunk-or-Treat.

When I first heard this phrase, I didn’t know what it was. But after a quick Pinterest search, I found out exactly what it was and was on board! You basically decorate your trunk and kids come out to the parking lot and trick-or-treat from car to car. Matching costumes are highly encouraged! There is usually other games and activities for the kids out there as well. This was my second year helping bae with Trunk-or-Treat and let me just say that people just keep stepping it up!

Pinterest is great for ideas, but here’s a round up of all the trunks at this past weekends event. Can you guess who won first place?

Homemade cupcakes are always a winner in my books!
They came decked out in a cloud and cart costume!
The entire family dressed up as Woody, Workout Barbie, Baby Buzz Lightyear, and little Jessie!
This pirate came with real sand and a treasure full of candy!
If you rather go for a spooky theme
“Hot” dog…get it??? Hahaha
Nightmare Before Christmas – love that they have the other holidays represented!
How cute, they brought a free portrait studio!
This was a functioning “Starbucks” with fruit punch, iced coffee, and candy pops!


We decided to go with a familiar character – Nemo and Dory! I also really wanted to use balloons so this underwater theme worked out great! The green streamers are supposed to be seaweed. We had some Disney “sea” songs playing in the background to help set the theme. Unfortunately we didn’t win the grand prize. But with all these great ideas, you bet we’re ready for next year!



Which was your favorite trunk? Who do you think won the grand prize? Have you ever done a Trunk-or-Treat?








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