Class Axe San Antonio

Class Axe San Antonio

A few weeks ago, I got invited to a Social Media Night to check out a new place in San Antonio called Class Axe. I looked the place up online and was immediately intimidated. This place was all about axe throwing! Um, what?!? Crazy, I know!

I have very bad balance and hand-eye coordination! So I was very worried that I would hurt myself, or worse, someone else! Nonetheless, I went! What a surprise! Yes there was a lot of axe throwing, but the experience itself was amazing!

Class Axe Throwing


You and your best mates will spend 1 and a half hours becoming intimate with a 1.5lb piece of whirling wood and metal as you learn, practice and then finally square off toe to toe in a group tournament that will result in the crowning of an Axe Throwing Champion. Our Axe Throwing sessions are run by trained experts who will show you how to safely handle an axe and chuck it with accuracy while giving you tips on how to capture that illustrious Bullseye!

Class Axe San Antonio
Class Axe San Antonio

Upon arrival, everyone has to create an “axe” name. Names I saw were Axel Rose, Jaxe, Bad Axe, Back That Axe Up and Axe Wife. I’m telling you, the atmosphere they create here is so much fun! So get creative!   

This fun activity originated in Canada and has quickly been making it’s way into the States. For more locations check out their website here.

Class Axe San Antonio

Class Axe is a great place to do birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building, or to just blow off some steam. You can have 12 people per range. They’ve created some really fun games that you can play if you come with a group. We played the axe version of darts, Timber (similar to Horse) and TicTacToe. Such a great way for team building and bonding! 

Class Axe San Antonio

Before you get worried, know that this activity is very safe! Sarah Fleming, the GM, spent a good 30 minutes demonstrating and having us practice how to handle the axe, how to prep for the throw, and when to let go. Not until she was sure we had the technique right did she actually let us grab an axe and begin throwing. 

Each range has two lanes. One person counts to three, and both release at the same time. No one is allowed to walk into the lanes until both axes have either hit the wood or are on the ground.

Class Axe San Antonio

Getting the technique down is not terribly hard. Keeping it consistent is! I hit a bulls eye on my 2nd try. However, I was not able to hit another for about an hour. Other people, took about 30 minutes to get the technique down but hit bulls eyes for the rest of the night! It’s really all about muscle memory. And once you get good enough, you can start learning tricks!

Also, you might not expect this, but throwing axes is a workout! I worked up a sweat from all the throwing and walking back and forth I did! Thankfully, our host had snacks and drinks for us! Coming with a group? Class Axe is BYOB so feel free to brings drinks for anyone 21+! Thank you Alamo Distilling and Stone Werks for catering!

Alamo Vodka
Alamo Bourbon
Stone Werks

If you try it and fall in love with it, they will be starting a league in July! Just stop by or give them a call for more information. 

Check out this boomerang of me “sticking wood”!

For more information and commonly asked questions, check out their website here.


With all that being said, I am very excited to giveaway two tickets to try out Class Axe for yourself! Head over to my Instagram page for information on how to enter!

I don’t think I’ve had that much fun trying out something new in a long time! I can’t wait to go again!



Have you ever done axe throwing? Is this something you would want to try?  

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