Happy Thanksgiving!

Penelope Chic Boutique - Step Into Fall Jumpsuit

As we get close to wrapping up November, I can’t help but think about how much I love this month! Sure it’s my birthday month, but there is so much that make this month great!

For starters, Fall is in full swing! (Hello sweater weather!) But it’s also a great month to really think about everything that you have in your life and be grateful for it. I love seeing people’s Thanksgiving’s post of them surrounded by family and friends and sharing what they are grateful for in their life. So let me share with y’all all that I’m grateful for this year:


I am grateful that I still have my family. This year, a lot of my coworkers have lost loved ones and it’s made me realize how lucky I am that all the important people to me are still in my life. 


It’s true that as you get older, your friends circle get smaller. So thank you to all my friends who have stayed consistent. I don’t know what I would do without you! Also, so grateful that I have met so many amazing babes through Bumble. Check out my Friendsgiving post here

My Boyfriend

He likes to stay hidden from my blog, but don’t be fooled. He does so much for me! From taking blog pictures and running “blog” errands to making dinner at night and washing the dishes, he keeps me going. There is no way I could do everything I do without him. 

School & Work

Yes sometimes I wake up not wanting to go to work and yes I skip class, but I am so grateful for both. Work has been so flexible with me and allows me to leave any time I need to study for a test or meet with a group. I seriously don’t think any other employer would do this for me

As for school, my classes are killing it this year! (Except for Stats III) The things I’m learning this semester are teaching me so many amazing things I can’t wait to apply them in real life! Especially my Digital Marketing class. So many good things are coming because of that class! 

My Blog and All of You

I would not be writing this if it wasn’t for YOU! When I decided to revamp my blog earlier this year I didn’t know if I would succeed. But here we are seven months later and my blog keeps growing and my confidence with it! So thank you so much for allowing me to do something I love and being a part of it! 


Penelope Chic Boutique - Step Into Fall Jumpsuit
Penelope Chic Boutique - Step Into Fall Jumpsuit
Penelope Chic Boutique - Step Into Fall Jumpsuit
Penelope Chic Boutique - Step Into Fall Jumpsuit

Outfit Details: Jumpsuit (c/o) | Shoes | Belt

This jumpsuit from Penelope Chic Boutique is the perfect piece for fall and Thanksgiving! The colors are beautiful. You can’t tell, but the “black” stripe is actually a dark forest green! It really pops out in the sun and makes this jumpsuit!

My friend is the owner of this fabulous online boutique and when she reached out to me, I jumped at the chance to help her showcase her amazing pieces! Be sure to go check them out! They’re having great Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! This jumpsuit is currently $31!!! 



How are you spending your Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for this year?

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