CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery


As y’all might know by now, I love brunch! Bae knows I love brunch as well, so whenever he hears or tries out a new place, he knows to let me know and eventually take me! He knew immediately that I would love this place: CommonWealth!

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To say that I love musicals is an understatement. I dream of having a masquerade ball like in Phantom of the Opera, I know every word to Chicago, and I listen to The Greatest Showman instrumental when I study. Oh, and when Mamma Mia! 2 came out, that’s all I listened to for WEEKS! I might be a little obsessed…

So naturally, when I saw Wicked was coming to San Antonio I freaked out! I got access to pre-sale tickets and I sent them to bae with a little hint hint, it falls on our anniversary week, winky face, heart face emoji! And guess who got to see Wicked last night? THIS GIRL!!! Read More

Brunch: Grayze on Grayson


I am very picky when it comes to food. Unless I absolutely hate a place, I will give the restaurant two to three tries before I make a permanent judgement of it, but more so if I want to write a review of the place for y’all. Also, because I like to try their different plates.

Today I’ll be reviewing a place that is just a five minute drive from the Pearl:

Graze on Grayson

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Gather, Sip, Create at DIY Studio SA

With the co-owners Christy and Cindy – my DIY fairy godmothers!

Ok, let me be the first to admit that I am a Pinterest-teneur. I have a personal Pinterest account with over 100 boards 😳 ranging from recipes, DIY projects, fashion and home decor. And I swear I am going to try every single pin. Ehehe. 😅 Anyone else?

So how cool would it be if I told you that you could make your DIY Pinterest dreams a reality? Live Pinterest. Yeah, I know, so cool!!! The walls in my apartment will finally have some decor, made by moi! Read More

Olé, San Antonio!

Did I tell y’all that I’m taking a trip to Spain and Portugal at the end of the summer? I know, very exciting! It’ll be my first time in Europe. I can hardly wait! And I guess San Antonio must have know because they’ve actually brought a piece of Spain to the Pearl!

Running from June 16- September 16, the Pearl will be hosting a number of events featuring gastronomy, music & dance, and art & architecture straight from Spain! Some events are free, others have a fee, but there is something for everyone!

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