San Antonio Rodeo 2019

San Antonio Rodeo 2019

Let’s Rodeo San Antonio!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that this is my favorite time of the year! Here in Texas, there are rodeos in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth and Houston. I still haven’t been to the one in DFW, but I’ve been to all the others at least once! And since I live in San Antonio now, I’ve been going to that one for the past couple of years.

This past weekend, I took my family to their first San Antonio rodeo and they loved it! If you’ve never been, let me give you a little break down on what goes on. Each rodeo ticket comes with a concert and entry into the fairgrounds.

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Class Axe San Antonio

Class Axe San Antonio

A few weeks ago, I got invited to a Social Media Night to check out a new place in San Antonio called Class Axe. I looked the place up online and was immediately intimidated. This place was all about axe throwing! Um, what?!? Crazy, I know!

I have very bad balance and hand-eye coordination! So I was very worried that I would hurt myself, or worse, someone else! Nonetheless, I went! What a surprise! Yes there was a lot of axe throwing, but the experience itself was amazing!

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Dia de los Muertos


Today is Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, the rich traditional Mexican holiday that remembers family and friends who have passed away, with altars (ofrendas), music, food, art, and more. It spans over two days, one day dedicated to the children (All Saints Day) and one for all that have passed (All Souls Day). Dia de los Muertos is not to be mistaken as a “Mexican Halloween”, but rather as cultural celebration of the living and dead. During this time you will see sugar skulls and marigolds all over the place! It’s absolutely stunning!

Have you seen Coco? It revolves around this holiday! To read more about how this tradition got started and how it’s celebrated, check out this article by NatGeo! Read More



To say that I love musicals is an understatement. I dream of having a masquerade ball like in Phantom of the Opera, I know every word to Chicago, and I listen to The Greatest Showman instrumental when I study. Oh, and when Mamma Mia! 2 came out, that’s all I listened to for WEEKS! I might be a little obsessed…

So naturally, when I saw Wicked was coming to San Antonio I freaked out! I got access to pre-sale tickets and I sent them to bae with a little hint hint, it falls on our anniversary week, winky face, heart face emoji! And guess who got to see Wicked last night? THIS GIRL!!! Read More

Gather, Sip, Create at DIY Studio SA

With the co-owners Christy and Cindy – my DIY fairy godmothers!

Ok, let me be the first to admit that I am a Pinterest-teneur. I have a personal Pinterest account with over 100 boards 😳 ranging from recipes, DIY projects, fashion and home decor. And I swear I am going to try every single pin. Ehehe. 😅 Anyone else?

So how cool would it be if I told you that you could make your DIY Pinterest dreams a reality? Live Pinterest. Yeah, I know, so cool!!! The walls in my apartment will finally have some decor, made by moi! Read More