5 Ways to Have the Best New Year

New year, new me, right? As cliché as it may sound, I think this IS the perfect time to commit to being a better version of yourself. We all have so much more to learn and grow, and a new year gives us that opportunity!

This post is not going to be about new years resolutions specifically, but rather on advice on how to keep yourself motivated throughout the year. New years resolutions are great, but rarely do we keep them. Why is that? I’ve been listening to a lot of motivational speakers lately and they all come to a consensus that we all get discouraged and stop. Raise your hand if this has happened to you? I know it has happened to me. Many times. So what can you do?

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2 Year Blogiversary | Small Town Runaway

2 Year Blogiversary!

2 Year Blogiversary | Small Town Runaway

I looked at the date today and couldn’t believe my eyes. Two years ago I hit “publish” on my first blog post on Small Town Runaway! It really does not feel like it’s been two years!

Part of me feels like its been way longer than that. I mean, I am constantly working on it and/or thinking about it. But another part feels like this is all still very new! I did just revamp it in April. 

So today I want to share two things that I’ve learned from blogging. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Penelope Chic Boutique - Step Into Fall Jumpsuit

As we get close to wrapping up November, I can’t help but think about how much I love this month! Sure it’s my birthday month, but there is so much that make this month great!

For starters, Fall is in full swing! (Hello sweater weather!) But it’s also a great month to really think about everything that you have in your life and be grateful for it. I love seeing people’s Thanksgiving’s post of them surrounded by family and friends and sharing what they are grateful for in their life. So let me share with y’all all that I’m grateful for this year: Read More

Bardot Lace Dress

Pink Lace Dress

Bardot Pink Lace Dress

I have always been shy, so standing out because of my clothes was a nightmare! Being from a small town, you don’t go out in heels and a dress. For one, where you going? Applebee’s?!? Second, who you going with? The people in this town haven’t changed in 20 years! Trying to impress someone based on your clothes just wasn’t a thing!

Going to special events was stressful! Sure the invitation might say “Casual Attire” or “Formal Wear” or even worse – they didn’t specify a dress code at all! I don’t know about y’all, but that makes me panic! Like, you want to dress up cute, but you don’t want to overdue it. I wanted to wear the cute dress with heels, but doing so would make me stand out like a sore thumb!

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Lavender Tweed Jumpsuit

WAYF Roxy Glen Plaid Jumpsuit

How are y’all enjoying the fall? Texas still can’t seem to make up it’s mind on weather is wants to be cold or stay hot. I don’t mind it for the most part. For the most part. I’m dying to wear some sweaters and jackets I bought during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but if I wear them now, I’d die of a heat stroke!

But it’s okay, because I get to still wear cute pieces like this jumpsuit! When I first saw it, I thought it was so cute, but could never pull it off! “I’m just too short and it’ll never look good” is what I kept telling myself. But I went ahead and ordered it anyways! The results?

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