Wearing White After Labor Day


What’s that rule about no white after Labor Day? It’s after Labor Day right? And how long after Labor Day? Why Labor Day and why the color white? Where did this fashion rule even come from? I had to get some answers! Read More

Summer Florals



Is everyone as excited for fall as I am?!? Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks, pumpkin patches and corn mazes are popping up everywhere and all our favorite stores are coming out with the cutest sweaters, booties, and layering pieces! I love fall, it’s my favorite season!

HOWEVER! It is still summer and I am just not ready to let go of summer florals! The calendar says I have until September 23rd! So y’all are just gonna have to bare with me for a couple more weeks! I’ll start transitioning when it starts cooling down, which is like never in Texas! (Ok, maybe like mid to end of October) Read More