The Oscars 2019

Movie Monday – Oscars 2019 Edition

This weekend we celebrated movies with the Oscars. I had never actually watched the Oscars before, but because bae and I watch so many movies, it seemed fitting that we watch, to see if any of our favorites made it.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that we’re pretty good critics. *winky face*

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Movie Monday: Spies, Eight Graders & A Smackerel of Honey


If you follow me on social media, then you know that I’ve been moving for the past two weeks. Yes, it’s taken me that long and it has not been fun. However, I am so thankful that bae and I have our weekly movie tradition because that gave me a break.

I like to go to the movies comfy and I always take my blanket. Since my favorite theaters use recliner seats, it’s like you’re watching a movie at home! This blanket we got from the Disney Store (Similar) and it’s sooooo soft! It’s also pretty big and we can spread it out over two seats. 🙂

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