Happy Thanksgiving!

Penelope Chic Boutique - Step Into Fall Jumpsuit

As we get close to wrapping up November, I can’t help but think about how much I love this month! Sure it’s my birthday month, but there is so much that make this month great!

For starters, Fall is in full swing! (Hello sweater weather!) But it’s also a great month to really think about everything that you have in your life and be grateful for it. I love seeing people’s Thanksgiving’s post of them surrounded by family and friends and sharing what they are grateful for in their life. So let me share with y’all all that I’m grateful for this year: Read More

Friendsgiving with Bumble

Friendsgiving with Bumble

This time of year is my absolute favorite! It’s a time for friends and family, happiness and cheer! 

Up to just a couple years ago I had never heard of a “Friends-giving’. But I would look at people’s post and think that it was the cutest thing ever! What a great idea to have a pre-Thanksgiving with all your friends! I mean, they basically are your family!

This year was my first time actually partaking in  Friendsgiving activities thanks to a couple invitations by Bumble! And I got to bring my BFF! 

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