Blue Floral Top


Happy Friday y’all! I don’t think I remember a time when I looked forward to Fridays the most! I think I actually woke up with a spring in my step this morning. But adulting is hard and weekend are precious time!

Every Friday, my coworkers will ask me if I have any plans and I usually say no, because I really don’t. Other than some “blog things”, weekends are meant for relaxing and just doing nothing because we all need that break sometimes! I literally run my life on auto-pilot. I just go go go and things get done and all is well in the world.  Read More

Sitges, Spain


As we continue to work our way to shorter days and cool fall weather, let’s go back to some more sunny days in Spain. But before we travel to the last city of my trip (and my favorite), let’s take a quick stop in the little beach town of Sitges!

Sitges sits about an hour train ride from Barcelona and is a little beach gem. Yes Barcelona has beaches, but they get way too crowded and frankly I’m now a big fan of crowds. We ended up at Sitges because our wonderful tour guide offered us an extra excursion: paddle boarding! I had only done paddle boarding a time or two in Austin and I was definitely not gonna miss a chance to do it in Spain! Plus it meant a day at the beach and a new town to explore! A total win! Read More



To say that I love musicals is an understatement. I dream of having a masquerade ball like in Phantom of the Opera, I know every word to Chicago, and I listen to The Greatest Showman instrumental when I study. Oh, and when Mamma Mia! 2 came out, that’s all I listened to for WEEKS! I might be a little obsessed…

So naturally, when I saw Wicked was coming to San Antonio I freaked out! I got access to pre-sale tickets and I sent them to bae with a little hint hint, it falls on our anniversary week, winky face, heart face emoji! And guess who got to see Wicked last night? THIS GIRL!!! Read More

Toledo, Spain


Medieval Toledo! I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was actually surprised by this little town!

Toledo is about 30 miles outside of Madrid. You’ll see a lot of advertisements for it in Madrid. If you get a chance to visit, I definitely suggest doing it! We headed off to Toledo right after visiting the Palacio Real de Madrid. To say we did a lot of walking that day is an understatement!

This little town sits on a hill surrounded by a river with bridges creating access to it. It really has a medieval feel to it, but with a twist! It is known as the the city “of three cultures” because of its influence from medieval Arab, Jewish and Christianity. This walled old city still has its ancient synagogues, mosque, and churches. Read More

Blue Two Piece


“I can’t go, I have nothing to wear!”, literally a phrase that comes out of my mouth anytime I have to go somewhere, as I stare at a closet full of clothes. I mean, after you wear something once, who really wants to wear it again? And God forbid if you posted a picture on Insta or Facebook!

So the other night, as I was getting ready for a girls night, I was going through this exact same process when I remembered I had just gotten in this two-piece! I know it doesn’t look like a two-piece, but it is! Read More