Movie Monday: Spies, Eight Graders & A Smackerel of Honey


If you follow me on social media, then you know that I’ve been moving for the past two weeks. Yes, it’s taken me that long and it has not been fun. However, I am so thankful that bae and I have our weekly movie tradition because that gave me a break.

I like to go to the movies comfy and I always take my blanket. Since my favorite theaters use recliner seats, it’s like you’re watching a movie at home! This blanket we got from the Disney Store (Similar) and it’s sooooo soft! It’s also pretty big and we can spread it out over two seats. 🙂

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Girl Talk: Gratitude


I listen to a lot of podcast and motivational speakers. I also read a lot of self help books and audio books. It’s important to me to always look for ways to grow and better myself. I strive for greatness and success. And in everything I read and listen to, the main point that they all share is a simple one: gratitude.

I know it sounds cliche. You hear it at church, from your parents, and every motivational speaker. But have you ever stopped and actually done it? It’s not complicated, but it is hard.  Read More

Brunch: Grayze on Grayson


I am very picky when it comes to food. Unless I absolutely hate a place, I will give the restaurant two to three tries before I make a permanent judgement of it, but more so if I want to write a review of the place for y’all. Also, because I like to try their different plates.

Today I’ll be reviewing a place that is just a five minute drive from the Pearl:

Graze on Grayson

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Movie Mondays


If you follow me on social media, you will see in my stories that bae and I go to a movie weekly. It has kinda just become our thing and I love it! We have our routine, we have our preferred (okay, MY preferred) movie theaters, and for the most part, are on the same wave length on which movies we want to watch and which are better to just wait for them to come out on Netflix/Redbox.

Since we go so much, bae has constantly recommended that I review the movies we watch, since we usually watch them on opening weekend and I get messages from friends and family asking me whether I recommend it or not. So let’s try this! Read More

2018 Nordstrom Early Access Sale Picks

It’s here, it’s here! It’s literally like Christmas in July!

I’m gonna keep this short and simple so you can get to shopping! Here are my picks for the sale (so far). Sometimes I make two to three different orders. Hehe. Read More