5 Tips for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This outfit is almost entirely from the #NSale – the top, cardigan, and shoes!

This is not a drill, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a little over a week away! If you’ve never heard about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale then you must have been living under a rock. Seriously, it is the biggest sale OF THE YEAR, and if you go anywhere near social media or follow bloggers, there is no way you can avoid it!

Why is this sale such a big deal, compared to other sales? Because Nordstrom is doing something no other store dares to do… They put fall staple pieces on sale BEFORE they go on sale. Every store out there has sales, but they do it to make room for new stuff, next seasons stuff. Well not Nordstrom! They put BRAND NEW stuff on sale and then they go on sale for regular price. Crazy, I know!

So how does this sale work? I’m here to tell you what I’ve learned these past two years I’ve shopped it. Read More

Gather, Sip, Create at DIY Studio SA

With the co-owners Christy and Cindy – my DIY fairy godmothers!

Ok, let me be the first to admit that I am a Pinterest-teneur. I have a personal Pinterest account with over 100 boards 😳 ranging from recipes, DIY projects, fashion and home decor. And I swear I am going to try every single pin. Ehehe. 😅 Anyone else?

So how cool would it be if I told you that you could make your DIY Pinterest dreams a reality? Live Pinterest. Yeah, I know, so cool!!! The walls in my apartment will finally have some decor, made by moi! Read More

Olé, San Antonio!

Did I tell y’all that I’m taking a trip to Spain and Portugal at the end of the summer? I know, very exciting! It’ll be my first time in Europe. I can hardly wait! And I guess San Antonio must have know because they’ve actually brought a piece of Spain to the Pearl!

Running from June 16- September 16, the Pearl will be hosting a number of events featuring gastronomy, music & dance, and art & architecture straight from Spain! Some events are free, others have a fee, but there is something for everyone!

Read More

Downtown Tuesday


Do y’all remember that song that came out last year? “Going upppp, on a Tuesdayyyyy!” When I first heard it I was like “What??! Don’t you mean the weekend???” But San Antonio begs to differ. #TuesdayIsTheNewFriday

There’s an organization in town called Downtown Tuesday that has partnered with over 65 businesses to bring Downtown San Antonio free parking, events, and special deals. Read More

Intro to Healthy Living


Who here had plans for a summer bod? 🙋🏽‍♀️ But here we are, a couple weeks before summer ‘officially’ starts and I’ve had chinese for lunch and pizza for dinner and breakfast. Oops!

Now I hate talking about weight and all that because it’s always a touchy subject for people. Everybody’s body is built differently and reacts differently to diets and workouts. But today I want to share some tips that I’m trying to incorporate into my daily life, not meant to loose weight specifically, but rather to become healthierRead More