Brunch: Rosella at the Rand

Rosella's at the Rand

Ready for another San Antonio brunch recommendation???

This time we are moving a little deeper into Downtown San Antonio with Rosella at the Rand. If you live in San Antonio, you might have heard of this little café, since they have a few locations. And while all the locations are pretty good, today I’m going to focus on their newest location in the historic Rand building.

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CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery


As y’all might know by now, I love brunch! Bae knows I love brunch as well, so whenever he hears or tries out a new place, he knows to let me know and eventually take me! He knew immediately that I would love this place: CommonWealth!

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Lisboa, Portugal



Since Portugal was the first European ground I ever stepped on, it’s only fitting that I begin this series with Lisbon!

I’ll be posting a different post for each city I visited because I want to be as thorough as possible! There was so much to see, therefore there is so much to say! I want to share with y’all all the places I saw, shopped, and ate at! Also, I took like a million photos, so…. Read More

Brunch: Grayze on Grayson


I am very picky when it comes to food. Unless I absolutely hate a place, I will give the restaurant two to three tries before I make a permanent judgement of it, but more so if I want to write a review of the place for y’all. Also, because I like to try their different plates.

Today I’ll be reviewing a place that is just a five minute drive from the Pearl:

Graze on Grayson

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Downtown Tuesday


Do y’all remember that song that came out last year? “Going upppp, on a Tuesdayyyyy!” When I first heard it I was like “What??! Don’t you mean the weekend???” But San Antonio begs to differ. #TuesdayIsTheNewFriday

There’s an organization in town called Downtown Tuesday that has partnered with over 65 businesses to bring Downtown San Antonio free parking, events, and special deals. Read More